Permissions Policy

I’ll be blunt. I want as many people as possible to discover my ideas and read what I’ve written, so I LIKE it when others share my work. However, everything on this site (yes, everything—this sentence included) belongs to someone: either me or another person who has granted me a license to use it. Intellectual property is a fascinating subject, until one has to defend their rights in a stuffy courtroom and muddle through attorney-speak. Therefore, some rules on sharing are necessary to preserve everyone’s sanity and happiness. Here’s a rundown of what you can and cannot do, and how to do it. I thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Without my permission, you are welcome to…

  • Link to or cite any page, post, content, or comment of mine on
  • Quote, in any format, up to 300 words from any post or page on this site that I have written, as long as you link back to the original location, mention me as the author, and somehow distinguish that it is a quotation, not your original work. (Quotation marks, air quotes, curly brackets, indentation, fancy fonts or formatting, and placement in a golden chariot pulled by an a cappella quartet of baritone hyenas singing 16th century hymns are all acceptable in that regard. Please do send me a video if you choose the last option.)
  • Print and/or photocopy in part or in full any of my posts or pages from this site for your personal use or non-commercial distribution (meaning you don’t make a penny from it) up to 50 copies. Any printings you distribute must include this copyright notice: “Copyright © 2013 by Andron Ocean. All rights reserved. Originally published at”. Should you need to print more than 50 copies of something, contact me. I’ll probably approve.

Only with my express permission in writing may you…

  • Republish or repost any of my posts, articles, stories, ebooks, et cetera in its entirety anywhere on the Internet.
  • Use any content from this website for commercial gain—including selling it, licensing it, or using it for marketing purposes, in any media format whatsoever.
  • Translate, alter, transform, change, or build upon this website’s content.

Concerning Comments:

Comment permissions are tricky. When someone leaves a comment on my blog, the copyright to their words belongs to them, not me. By posting, they have granted me a license to use their words, but I cannot legally grant others permission to reuse them. So, if you want to quote or repost a comment written by someone other than myself on this site, it’s a bit more complicated. You need to contact its author. I will not help you do this, or work as a go-between.

For one to comment on a blog post on this site, they must submit their email address or log in via, Twitter, or Facebook. This is done as a way to prevent spam, but it also allows automatic lookup of their profile if they have created one. If you need to contact a comment author, mouse over their avatar photo next to the comment and see if a Gravatar profile with contact information pops up. Alternatively, if the comment author has linked their name to a webpage, you may find contact info posted there. If neither of these approaches works, I will not assist you, even if I am able to access the author’s email address. (Why not? If an author has chosen to remain functionally anonymous by not linking to a profile or website, then, in my opinion, I ought to respect that decision.) Under no circumstances do I have any liability to someone who posts another’s comment without its author’s permission, or to someone who discovers their own comment, originally published on my site, reproduced elsewhere without permission.

You can link to comments on this site without the author’s explicit permission, as well as print them for personal or noncommercial use. Commenters on my site have already accepted those uses by agreeing to my Comments Policy. For all other permissions, however, you must contact the comment author.

For any other actions regarding my content, please contact me.

Last updated July 26, 2013

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