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Hi there! I’m Andron Ocean. I am a writer, technogeek, science and history buff, and thinker-about-life. Welcome to my blog.

On this site, I post short fiction, commentary, and articles that explore the future of humanity from a variety of angles. I like to study the interactions of science, technology, societal trends, and individual and cultural actions and beliefs. These things, I believe, weave together to form the fabric and patterns of history.

There’s a legend of a traditional Chinese curse that goes, “May you live in interesting times.” Our era—fraught with lightning-quick advances in technological progress, social and economic upheaval, and environmental turmoil—may be the most interesting one yet for our species. Whether that is a curse or a blessing remains to be seen, but I deem that we would do well to wonder about the forces at play behind the events of our lives, and how we are evolving in response to them.

Here, you will find me doing just that. I invite you to join me: all my posts are open for comments, and I enjoy pleasant, thoughtful, and engaging discussion about my ideas. I post at least once each week, generally on Thursdays, with a mixture of short stories, news, speculation, and commentary. You can explore my blog’s categories to get a taste of each.

To keep up with what’s happening on my blog, you can subscribe by email or RSS. I promise never to spam you or share your information.

So who am I, anyways?

I grew up, and still live, in the high desert of northern New Mexico. I started “writing” stories before I could read, filling pads of paper with scribbled lines of curls and squiggles, and insisting that I knew exactly what they said. Once I did learn to read, I was hooked. Writing took a little while longer to catch on, but sometime before my tenth birthday, I started composing my first novel. It began, “Once in the merry old land of England…” and continued for another 258 words, before I abandoned it and moved on to something else. By my early teenage years, I had decided that I wanted to be a novelist.

My parents homeschooled me from 1st through 12th grade, which was a wonderful and indispensable experience. I also studied ballet for eight years, during the last half of which I attended a world-class ballet academy with the intent of becoming a professional dancer. At age 18, I changed my mind, and decided to turn back to my original dream of writing. I stumbled around for a couple of years in confusion, and eventually got back on my feet and down to business.

Now, in my early twenties, I am a freelance writer and the author of this blog. In my free time, I work on two separate novels and enjoy gardening, reading, hiking, and archery. I still dance for pleasure’s sake. And my love of fantasy and science fiction has birthed two unusual but delightful hobbies: I design scientifically-viable spacecraft, and I create languages.

You can contact me by email or any of my social media accounts. I’m @AndronOcean on Twitter, and you’ll find me here on Facebook.


This blog is built with WordPress, and runs on WordPress.com’s free hosting service, with a few upgrades: No Ads (you’re welcome), Custom Design, and Custom Domain. My theme is a customized version of TwentyThirteen, using the Skolar font for titles and headings, and FF Meta Serif for body text. Click here for the full customization profile.

14 thoughts on “About

    1. Howdy back! Delighted to see another New Mexican here. Glad you liked my post!

      Also: I love the idea of a LifeOS that you describe on your blog. It made me think of another aspect of biological life that hadn’t occurred to me before. I’ll be following to see what you do with it.

  1. What do you do for a living? Freelance writing?

    You blog and purpose sound very interesting. I always love connection with a fellow science fiction or fantasy writer.

    I look forward to looking around your blog more.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I wish you luck with your own work, as well. The writing schedule you mention on your blog is impressive—I would love to do something like that myself, I had the time.

      Beyond this blog, I do some paid freelance writing and work part-time as a technical assistant for my family’s business. I’ve also recently started doing web design on the side, and I may turn that into a public service at some point.

      1. Sounds like you are multifaceted when it comes to skills and interest, very much like myself. It will be interesting blogging alongside you.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! That’s a wonderful honor. I most certainly accept, and I will do my own VBA post shortly.

      (Now I must think about to whom I will pass on the award. That’s a nice problem to have. 😀 )

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